Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saw The Gap Again Today

Why do we fear to tell? Why are we so afraid of letting our inner self out? Is it fear of rejection from others, or is there some other factor involved? I assert the notion that while fear of rejection from others may be a contributor, the real reason so few people know how to express themselves in an open manner with those around them is because save for a small margin; almost nobody accepts who they are on any real level. You have your obvious self-rejections like homosexuality, and the many facets of identification that pertain to religion, but what about others? What about accepting yourself as a weak, needy person? What about accepting that you aren't as good hearted as you would like to believe? What do you do when the person you know you are on the inside is repressed by the little voice in the back of your head that whispers ever so softly:

"You are not supposed to be that way.
That isn't who you are.
That's not who you're allowed to be."

At what point does society's repression of the individual stop, and the own self-imposed imprisonment begin? Is there a way to break the cycle, to de-rail the train? What is the cost of freedom from ourselves?

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